We all reach points in our lives in which we feel stuck, unsure of where we are going or how to get there. Sometimes these times can be more painful because of what we have experienced in life – the thought of finding a therapist to help with the process of recovery can be daunting. I work collaboratively with people of all ages to help identify areas in their lives where they feel stuck, develop goals for where they want to go and create vision for how to get there. My expertise is in counseling people through crisis, trauma and other life transitions by helping them claim their personal power so they can become more fully themselves.

I have 20 years experience providing individual and family therapy to adults, adolescents and children. My specialties include post traumatic stress disorder and trauma recovery, life transitions, depression, anxiety, addictions, mind-body connection and GLBT family issues. Having been influenced by extensive work in a rape crisis center, a community health center and primary schools, I am acutely aware of how we are influenced mentally, physically and spiritually by our environment.

My approach to therapy is integrative, combining psychodynamic theory with solution focused and cognitive behavioral techniques. The fact that I am deeply curious about people, combined with my instincts, leads me to ask the difficult questions which I try to balance with humor. I also believe in the power of animals to promote healing and use people’s relationships with their pets as part of therapy.

availability At this time, my practice is unfortunately full.