Andreas Neumann Mascis

Dr. AndreAs Neumann-Mascis is a psychologist with a Masters in Family Therapy and a PhD in clinical psychology. AndreAs is a disabled queer person that has lived and worked in both communities in Boston and in San Francisco for more than 25 years. He does individual, relationship(s) and group therapy in addition to training, consultation, and social justice collaboration. Areas of specialty include working with trauma and complex PTSD as well as working with queer, disabled, and gender variant people.

AndreAs was part of developing a specialized trauma curricula for unhoused and chronically mentally ill populations. AndreAs also is active in education and training for universities, hospitals, providers, not for profits and community members and is a frequent conference lecturer. AndreAs founded and developed The Meeting Point, located in Boston, in 2008. As a multidimensional center for healing and growth, TMP is a collaboration of mental health providers and bodyworkers that serves a wide range of communities including queer, trans and disability communities. Through activism, connection and an intentional approach to wellness, The Meeting Point is continually growing to meet the unique strengths and needs of the communities it serves.