Liza Meyer

Liza’s intention as a yoga teacher is to offer opportunities for you to practice the skills of curiosity and compassion while exploring your physical and mental self. Practicing with Liza, you can expect invitations to tune into breathing & feeling and to make choices that feel right for you, as well as ideas for pose variations and ways to use yoga props.

Liza has been exploring yoga practice since her teens, and began to intentionally deepen her study in her early 20s as she was adapting to chronic pain. Liza studied trauma-informed yoga teaching in Karuna O’Donnell’s 200-hour training at 4 Corners Yoga + Wellness in Dorchester. Aiming to celebrate body diversity, Liza completed the adaptive Yoga for All™ training taught by Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes. She has also studied fundamentals of yoga therapy for emotional resilience with Alex Bauermeister.

Liza has signed the Health at Every Size™ (HAES™) Pledge. HAES™ is a framework that views body size as a natural part of human diversity. It understands that health looks different for every body, is not a moral obligation, and is deeply influenced by societal systems of oppression. Understanding that gender is a spectrum, Liza uses gender-neutral language in classes. You can learn more about Liza by following her Instagram account,, and visiting her website,