The Meeting Point

We’re Here and We Hear

The Meeting Point collaborative acknowledges that the world is a different place than it was two weeks ago. The recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and Tony McDade have ripped open the deep wound of racism in American society, again. Individuals are having so many different experiences and reactions–some people might just be waking up to a new understanding of the systemic and interpersonal scope of white supremacist culture, while others might be enraged, exhausted, numb, and/or carrying the trauma of navigating these oppressions on a daily basis.

We know that words are not enough. Hope is something that must be practiced. Change is possible, but it will take ongoing commitment. It is vital that space be made to process, heal, and act. Complacency is a passive form of violence that we can no longer afford.

We want to show up for you. We want to keep having this conversation in the year/years to come, and we want it to be about something that you want and need. Tell us. What kinds of opportunities and experiences can The Meeting Point facilitate to continue addressing and combating racism in all of its many forms? You are welcome to email us at to share your feedback and suggestions. We will review your responses to inform the initiatives that we will take over the next several months. We are holding ourselves accountable to you, our community.

We are listening.

In solidarity,

The Meeting Point Collaborative

We are a collaboration of independent providers who know that oppression is pathology and that social justice heals.

We provide mental health and body work services, we feature local artists and host community events, and we collaborate with community groups and other grassroots organizations. We serve all people, and we specialize in communities of people whose needs have been unrecognized and under-served in medical settings. This includes people of color, those with physical and psychiatric disabilities, and queer and trans people of all genders and identities. We serve all relationship and family structures, and we recognize that coming fully into our Selves happens through our connection to each other.

Our providers offer a range of services and take many kinds of insurance. Some services are available in Spanish. For services or other collaborations please keep in touch via this website, email, or find us on Facebook to learn more.